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-- The Path To Great app --

If the Path To Great app is enabled for your company and it is not currently present within your Workspace you will be able to download the app via the '+add apps' button.

As you are a manager you will be presented with two tabs 'My Path To Great' and 'Team Path To Great'.

The Team Path To Great area will have the bellow features:

How to position an employee

To set an employee's position on the chart:

  1. Select the employee from the drop-down.

  2. Then drag the X and Y axis sliders (the white circle on the purple lines surrounding the left side and bottom of the graph) to plot the employee's new position.

  3. Once the position has been set, the background of the current score circle will show a white dashed pulsing effect to show that the record has not yet been saved. You can select another employee to position or choose to Save or Publish.

Saving & Publishing

Save: Saves the employee in the drop-down, the score will not be visible to the employee

Save All: Select the drop-down next to 'Save' selecting 'Save All' will save all the employees recently moved records, the score will not be visible for the employees to view in their My Path To Great tab and the saved records can be amended again if needed.

Publish: Publishes the employee selected in the drop-down. Published records are visible for employees to view in their My Path To Great tab.

Publish All: Select the drop-down option on the 'Publish' button to publish all unpublished records.

Cancel: Cancels all unsaved changes made so far.

If you are unable to Publish scores, this feature may have been switched off by your company Admin.

Here is an overview video of the visual on Saving and Publishing & the Notes Features:


The Notes feature facilitates managers to track their thoughts on changing users' positions which can be used to aid progressive 1-1 conversations.

Choose an Employee from the drop-down > Then the 'Notes' button will appear at the top right.

The ‘Notes’ feature and comments are only visible to the manager.

Additional features:

Hover Over:

You can hover over employees' current and historical records which denote the status of the position:


View All

If toggled on, all of your teams' plottings will display on the graph.

Show History

If toggled on the history for all members shown on the graph will display.

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