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Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
This document sets out how we deal with questions and issues concerning People HR.
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  1. Critical issues & unexpected downtime

  2. Customer Service — initial contact

  3. Customer Service — technical support 

  4. Customer Service — complaints & escalation

Critical issues & unexpected downtime

The most significant service issue is unexpected downtime. We monitor our systems around the clock, including weekends and public holidays. This means that should a critical error occur, we are instantly notified, and can immediately react. 

The People HR infrastructure is resilient. Even in the event of a complete hardware failure — i.e. power, disks, servers, etc — the service will automatically switch to standby servers, meaning you will not be impacted, and no data will be lost. However, should a critical issue result in system downtime, then our immediate priority becomes resuming normal service.

During this time, here are the steps we follow:  

  1. Status alert. If our system is down, we will update our status page to ensure all customers are aware. You can check our status page here at any time: — you can enter your email address to be instantly alerted whenever the status changes.

  2. Issue overview. When our system status changes, we will provide as much detail as we are able, in terms of who the issue is impacting, which areas of the system are affected, and an estimate of when service delivery will return to normal.

  3. 30-minute updates. While working to resolve the issue, we will provide status updates every 30 minutes until service delivery returns to normal.

In the event of an infrastructure issue that cannot be fixed, we would implement our disaster recovery plan. This would allow us to fully restore People HR onto alternative infrastructure, within 8 hours. No customer data would be lost. 

Customer Service — initial contact

If you run into any difficulty while using the system, then our customer service team is here to help you via online chat, email, and telephone. These services run between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays).

  • Online chat (recommended). You can contact us while logged into the People HR system, using the chat icon. As you are already logged in, we can instantly authenticate you and provide support. Your chat will be logged against your account.Typical response time: 30 minutes. During busy periods, we will let you know our estimated response time.

  • Email. To ask a question via email, send it to Make sure you send the email from the email address associated with your People HR account, so that we authenticate you faster, and log your query against your account.Typical response time: 12 hours.

  • Telephone. We are always happy to talk to you on the phone, however, for security purposes it's important we verify your identity. In order to do this, we ask that you log in to your People account and click on the chat icon in the bottom right, where you can connect with the customer services team via chat, who will gladly call you back.

We answer most queries during this initial response. However, if our first line support team cannot help you immediately, they will route you to the right expert who can. 

Customer Service — technical support

Sometimes, it might not be possible to resolve your issue straight away. In these cases, your ticket will be escalated to a senior member of our technical team to investigate further and find a solution. 

If required, our engineers will open a case with a specific case number - you will be provided this number for future reference. This may be up to 10 days from when the support agent first escalated your ticket. 

We will then get back to you once this has been resolved.

  • Issues requiring data correction. If your issue requires some form of data correction, then we will first test this correction in a secure environment, before applying it to our live server in line with our secure changes policy. We will provide you with the date your data change will go live.

  • Issues requiring software updates. Sometimes, your issue may require us to update the software itself. In these instances, we will need to align this fix with a future software update. We will let you know when the release containing your fix is set to go live.

Customer Service — complaints & escalation

If you are unhappy with our response, or the way we handled your query, then you may escalate your issue and raise a complaint. In this instance, your issue would be sent to our Customer Services Team.

For more information, please see our complaints procedure linked below:


Customer Services Team

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