Resend welcome / login details to an employee

Follow these quick steps to resend a welcome / login email to an employee

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Every time you add a new starter, as long as you put their email address in, the system will send them a welcome email.

Sometimes the mail gets accidentally deleted or may go into spam, or the person may just not remembering seeing it. 

To resend the welcome email do the following:

  1. Go to their employee record

  2. Go to the "Personal" segment 

  3. Go to the email address field and remove it - then click out of the field, this will save as blank 

  4. You will be prompted to add a reason for this change for your historical records

  5. Next re-enter their email address into the email address field again 

Following the steps above will trigger a new email to them. If they don't receive the email and you are certain you've got the right spelling/format then start a chat, we can trace all emails being sent out. We will require the email address of the person to check. 


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