We have made some great changes as part of our July release. Please see some of the minor enhancements we have made below:

SI-2292 - We have made an amendment to the API when creating or updating a timesheet record. Previously the API would not allow this to be done if a there was a missing clock out for the previous day, The validation in the API now allows a new clock in when there is a missing clock out on the previous day.

SI-2290 - We have added a validation to prevent the entry of invalid characters when entering an expense claim. Previously the error would only occur upon submission, now the validation checks before each line is saved.

SI-2281 - We identified an issue where a Manager with Additional Manager access to an employee who is also included in their indirect Reports was being duplicated within the Team list. We have added a check to ignore duplicate employees within the list.  

SI-2276 -  Fixed an oops message which occurred when selecting the history icon for Job Role. This issue occurred for the original user created at the point of a new company signup where the job role field was blank. 

SI-2269 -  Identified an isolated issue where an oops message was being displayed within an employees Documents tab. This employee was created from ATS and the issue was due to a number of documents which did not have a name. 

SI-2259 -  Corrected a spelling mistake within the manager Overdue goal notification. 

SI-2257 -  We have enabled a validation to stop the ability to enter restricted characters into a document description within an applicants record in ATS. These restricted characters caused an oops message once the applicant was created as an employee and the documents tab was accessed. 

SI-2254 -  Identified and rectified an issue within Ripple where multiple Check Logbook Action steps would not save the option selected in GoTo. 

SI-2253 - We have corrected an issue whereby the Chat function within the app wasn't visible if the Company Directory was turned off.

SI-2239 -   Fixed a bug which would not allow anything other than a whole value within the Full-Time Hours option within Holidays & Absence settings. 

SI-2236 - We have resolved an issue where the Employment Type filter was not working when creating a testing a new Accrual Rule.

SI-2206 - We have limited expense report submissions to 30 lines due to memory restrictions on certain devices causing the device to show an error. 

SI-2179 - When using Azure AD SSO via the app, we identified and fixed an issue which directed the user to the mobile optimised page instead of the App interface.

SI-2175 - Resolved an error when trying to sign in to the mobile App using Google SSO.

SI-2169 - Within in the Ripple module and using the Email step, any secondary recipients in the CC or BCC field were not being sent the notification. We have identified the cause and has been resolved. 

SI-2161 - Some users have reported that changes to certain salary details were not being saved. This issue has now been fixed.

SI-2159 - We have amended the content of two help text fields in the ATS Application tab within Settings.

SI-2158 - When using the API call "Get Work Pattern Detail", the employee ID provided did not match the actual employee ID, instead it was pulling the internal employee ID. We have now changed this to show the correct employee ID.

SI-2156 - Within Performance Settings, we have fixed a bug which restricted the list of Performance review templates to 20.

SI-2154 - We have applied a fix to Queries where the "Today" filter was not pulling data for 'Document Signed Date'.

SI-2153 - Corrected spelling mistakes in the Other Events "Manage this list", Other Events approval in Queries and within the Sickness return to work form. 

SI-2151 - We resolved an issue where any applicants added to the ATS via the API were not being populated within the Applicants tab.

SI-2147 - We identified an isolated issue where a hiring lead in ATS had received a notification to approve a vacancy. We have added a validation to prevent this from occurring.

SI-2146 - We have made a change to the Expenses approval email to include the new ability to approve through the web app.

SI-2140/ SI-2014 - We have resolved an issue whereby an employee on a no work pattern was given an insufficient leave message although the balance was sufficient. This was due to a background calculation taking the number of days being requested multiplied by 7.5.

SI-2139 - We have applied a fix to the mobile site when accessing an employees performance screen. The page was appearing blank.

SI-2122 - When setting up Performance reviews, we have restricted the ability to give multiple segments the same name. This was causing some performance reviews to be duplicated.

SI-2120 - We have resolved an isolated issue when adding entitlements and deductions within a salary record. If a "," is entered, any values after the comma were being ignored. 

SI-2116 - We found an issue within the new starter wizard when entering salary information. Previously the salary field would allow currency symbols to be entered, this caused the Next button to be non-responsive. We now only allow numerical values to be entered in the salary field. 

SI-2104 - We found that ATS email notifications were not consistent with other system email notifications in terms of the logo. We have now rectified this so that the People logo is now present on ATS email notifications.

SI-2095 - We have resolved an issue when a logbook authorisation is deleted. Previously deleting a logbook authorisation would put the logbook entry into a pending state and could not be deleted.

SI-2093 - We identified and resolved an issue when creating a new salary record which was causing an oops message. We have now added a fix to handle comments when adding or updating a salary record.

SI-2081 - A bug was raised where the locations available when setting up proxy access for a user was not being populated. We have applied a fix to fetch all available locations. 

SI-2078 - When creating a new vacancy via the Copy From option, previously any hiring leads were not being populated as an option within the notifications tab for that vacancy.

SI-2031 - We have changed the way Bradford factor scores are update in the background. Previously the Enable Bradford factor alerts option would need to be turned on in settings. This is no longer required and the scores will calculate based on the Bradford factor display being turned on.

SI-2020 - We identified an issue when changing a public holiday template within an employees record. If multiple holidays were present on the same day when added via data load, an error would occur. We have added a validation to ensure this doesn't occur. 

SI-1955 - Previously is a user was set as a Hiring Lead to a vacancy in ATS as well as given proxy access to request job approvals, the URL link and Vacancy icons were not present within the ATS Vacancies tab. We have now enabled these options.

SI-1991 - We identified an oops message when logged in as an employee and trying to access the Logbook. This occurred when No Access was set for all logbook screens. We have now removed the Logbook option visible to the employee if no screens are set with access.

SI-2003 - Fixed an issue where the notification to an employee to sign a document was not been sent when the document was added via a logbook entry.

PEOPLE-681- We have enabled the ability to amend the contracted hours for Rotating Work Patterns.

PEOPLE-680 - Small UI changes to the FTE calculator within the new starter wizard along with a validation on the maximum values when entering days or hours. 

PEOPLE-678 - We have added the remaining entitlement for Holidays and Other Events on the request email which is sent to the employee's manager. If TOIL is being used by the employee, this will also be shown on the email.

PEOPLE-677 - Within the Accruals Settings, we have added new green tick icon to easily identify rules which are currently in use.

PEOPLE-650 - We have added a number of new fields to the Query Builder. These include:

  • Details of who created employee/ leaver and the date.
  • Which Length of service profile each employee is set to.
  • Location coordinates along with additional clock in/out fields for Timesheet. 


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