We’ve now completed the September release of the People® Software

The following improvements have been made to the system:

  1. New automatic alert subscriptions
  • An alert to warn you if an employee’s qualification is close to expiry
  • An alert to warn you if an employee’s training course is about to start or end

2. Mobile and tablet functionality for the training matrix has been enhanced and various other fixes for mobile devices

3. You can now add provisional maternity leave into the employee planner for the period of ordinary maternity leave. This can then be updated at a later date with the actual leave and return dates once you know them

4. Changes to the Company Planner

  • Holiday requests that are not yet approved will be flagged as ‘pending’
  • Late events can only be seen by users with the authority to view sick leave
  • You can now see a list view of all events in a single month by clicking (or tapping) the month’s header in the calendar


Customer Services

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