We’ve now completed the first phase of the Winter release of the People® software

The following improvements have been made to the system (please note for these improvements to take effect you may have to clear your Cache)

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Bulk Actions
  3. Query Builder
  4. Employee Planner
  5. Task List
  6. Company Documents and Employee Documents
  7. Technical & Bug Fixes
  8. Training Matrix
  9. Employee First time login wizard notification
  10. Authorisation List
  11. Company Planner
  12. Email Addresses

1. Internationalisation:

  • Different currencies can be selected in the salary section allowing you to accurately log who is paid in what currency.
  • Changes to Bank fields so that you are able to add different country bank details that do not follow the UK format.
  • Date formats of dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd can now be selected, allowing you to chose your countries specific format.

2. Bulk Actions – You Can now make changes for a number of employees from one screen in following areas:

  • Holiday Entitlement This Year.
  • Holiday Entitlement Next Year.
  • Training.
  • Hours worked for hourly staff.

3. Query Builder - holiday entitlement fields:

  • A few changes to the holiday section within the query builder have been made which allows you to now run a query on the employee entitlement and remaining holidays by year, so you can check how many holiday were untaken in 2013 for example.

4. Employee Planner:

  • You can now add other leave which (in the new row on the planner) which does not affect your companies sickness data.
  • You can take a few hours off during the day and are not tied down to Whole/Half days.
  • You can change the holiday year for an employee which allows you to have numerous different holiday years running within your company at the same time.
  • Hourly employees are now able to take a number of hours off in the day and again are not tied down to Whole/Half days.
  • Users (if allowed) can now override the work period they are set on to allow them to book specific amounts of time off.

5. Task List:

1 You now have the ability to assign tasks to another employee for them to complete.

2 Employees will now have access to Task list so they are able to see/complete tasks assigned to them.

3 Tasks assigned via the New Starter and Leaver wizard can now be assigned to a specific person.

6. Company Documents and Employee documents.:

  • Previously the maximum file size was 5mb, this has now been increased to 15Mb.

The New Holiday Year will now be available in your system to book holidays etc so get your time booked off quick!

7. Technical and Bug Fixes:

Dashboard, Team - Long dates in absences in holidays were shown incorrectly, now shown as: Thu, 23 Jan 2014.

8. Training Matrix - Oops message - when training option is clicked, this has now been fixed.

9. Employee, First Time Login Wizard, Notification - If the data load included telephone number and then the employee does the first time login but didn’t change the telephone number, the notification to the admin said the telephone number has changed from what was added in the data load to blank. This does now not happen.

10. Authorisation List - Scrolling up showed the same duration for all requests in the list, the list now shows the correct individual durations.

11. Company Planner - Company Planner not showing holiday when holiday data loaded via data load routine, this now shows correctly.

12. Email addresses - Can now add email addresses like first.lastname@companyname.coop

Keep a lookout for future release notes via the support desk - http://support.peoplehr.com


Customer Services Team

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