We’ve now completed the second phase of the Winter release of the People® software

The following improvements have been made to the system (please note for these improvements to take effect you may have to clear your Cache)

  1. Timesheets
  2. Holiday Requests

1. Timesheets:

1) You can now log up to 5 in/out records within a single timesheet, this allows you to add in more breaks if required through the day.

2) You have the ability to activate a virtual clock within the timesheet so employees can click the clock to log their working time, you can activate this on the employees planner tab within the holiday settings.

3) The virtual clock has a GMT offset value with helps make sure all timezones are covered.

4) Projects within timesheets are now availale, employees can now log up to 3 levels of project title (Project, Task and Task Detail), this gives employees the ability to state what projects were being worked on at specific times.

5) The query builder has now been enhanced to include the new timesheet/project functions so that you are able to run a quick and easy report on what has been entered.

2. Holiday Requests:

1) Holiday authorisations can now be routed away from the line manager if necessary, this can be done on the employee planner option within holiday settings.

3. Technical and Bug Fixes:

1) People is now functional with IE11.

2) All list screens now have vertical scroll bars in IE, Chrome and Firefox.

3) New starter first time login bug fixed.


Customer Services Team

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