The summer release of People® is here

Here are the improvements you’ll be seeing (and remember, you may need to clear your Cache for changes to take effect)

  1. Admin Users
  2. Work Patterns
  3. ICAL Feed
  4. Deductions/Entitlements
  5. Query Builder
  6. Organisation Chart
  7. Timesheets
  8. API
  9. Minor Changes/ Bugs Fixed

1. Admin Users:

If you are a System Administrator, you can now access your own employee record in the same way as regular users, meaning you can submit holiday requests for your line manager to approve.


2. Work Patterns:

• You can now delete work patterns that are not being used 

• Users can now view the work pattern they are assigned to 

• You can now set ‘No Work Pattern’ for new starters using the New Starter Wizard 

• Work patterns can now be set in 15-minute increments


3. ICAL Feed:

Any comments made on Holidays, Absence and Other Leave, are now hidden from all users except Administrators


4. Deductions/Entitlements:

You can now include or exclude Deductions and Entitlements from your employees’ total salary amount within the Salary section of the Employee Record


5. Query Builder:

• You can now create reports on History/Changes within People 

• You can now filter Holidays, Absence and Other Leave to include only a specific time period to help you create monthly Payroll reports more easily


6. Organisation Chart

• You can now toggle the Organisation Chart on or off 

• If you want to use your own organisation chart instead of the default one within People, you can now set your Organisation Chart option to redirect to an external link 


7. Timesheets:

You can now apply a single Timesheet across multiple days at once


8. API:

Our API is now available for use – for more information on integrating People with other applications using our API, please contact Customer Services


9. Minor Changes/Bugs Fixed:

• Manager will now revert back to Employee if all ‘Reports To’ (employees reporting to them) are removed 

• You can now delete a query if an error message is displayed 

• You can now create a task for anyone in the system as an employee or manager, not just those in your team. 

• Users have to now click the Information icon on the Organisation Chart, rather than just hover over it 

• Pro-Rata holiday calculation for new employees now calculates from the exact start date instead of on a monthly basis 

• Timesheets are now called Timesheets/Assignments

When to Expect These Changes

We will implement this release on Saturday 12th July. We are aiming to complete the update within just a few hours, however please be aware that it may take a little longer. During implementation of the updates, the People system may not be accessible. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience you may experience, and would like to remind you that once completed, you may will need to clear your cache for the changes to become functional.


Customer Services Team

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