Here are the improvements you’ll be seeing in your People® system
This video details the release:

(remember, you may need to clear your Cache for changes to take effect): 

  1. System Security
  2. Employee Planner
  3. Return to Work

1.System Security:

Regional Admin – This will give you the ability to allow Administrator access to the system but only for specified employee groups. This new feature will allow the regional administrator to add new starters, set employees as leavers, build queries, run reports and use bulk actions but only for those employees that they have been granted access to.

2. Employee Planner:

TOIL – This feature will allow you to log TOIL on an employees record separately from the standard holiday allowance.

Cancellation of Holidays – Employees will now be able to request a cancellation of a holiday or Other leave type as long as this leave is not in the past.

More than One Event – You will now be able to log two different types of leave on the employees planner on the same day so Sick in the morning and Holiday in the afternoon.... No Problems.

Holiday Entitlement – The holiday entitlement calculation has now been fine tuned to help calculate part time entitlements and different bank holiday profiles.

Disable Requests – You are now able to disable the holiday request within People™. All you need to do is opt out in your system settings.

Adjust Sick Durations – For employees who are set to No Work Pattern you can now override the total duration required.

Bradford Factor Alerts – If an alert appears that you have dealt with you can now dismiss it and it will not appear again until or if the next trigger point is reached.

3. Return to Work:

Work Flow - A new work flow has been introduced for when employee returns back to work from a holiday or sick leave. Two new flags are now available. If selected employees will be required to fill in the return to work form and declare they are fit to resume duties. The manager will also be required to declare the employee is fit to return to work.

Other Amendments:

1. Company planner to show employees for rerouted and additional managers.

2. Rerouted and additional managers have been added to the Query Builder options.

3. NI field has now been added to the new starter wizard.

4. You can now search on Employee ID in Employee List.

5. UTF8 character set - You are now able to add all diacritical and latin/kanji character sets , i.e. German, Spanish, French and Japanese.

For more information about the Spring release keep a lookout for our new support videos on the help-desk or click on the blog link below:



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