January 2016 Release

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Here is the first release of 2016 for People®


1. Lock Days by Location and Department

2. Filter View for all Employees

3. View Department Events

4. Attach Email Files 

5. Add URL Link to Employee Documents

6. Category Filter Option in Employee Documents

7. Holiday, Sickness and Other Leave

8. Hide Date of Birth From Managers

9. Next Review Date

10. Date of Resignation

11. New Merge Tags for Template Documents

12. Point In Time Reporting

13. API & Add Image

14. Webhook Implementation

15. Email Inbox

16. Settings

1. Lock Days by Location and Department 

Currently, you can lock down days in the Company Planner for the whole company. Changes have been made so that now you can now lock days down in the Company Planner for certain Locations and Departments. This will block any Holiday or Leave requests being submitted but wont affect any previous pending or approved leave requests.

Using the Filters option at the top of the Planner allows you to specify the relevant Location(s) and/ or Department(s) that you can lock the day for.

**Only Admins**

2. Filter View for all Employees 

Another change to the Company Planner is to the filters. Employees and Managers can now filter based on the relevant company, location and department that they have access to.

3. View Department Events 

Changes to the company planner options now include the possibility to allow Employees or Managers to view Department Events, excluding or including sickness. This is found in the main Settings Menu under Company submenu.

Attach emails

You can now upload .eml files into any section where you can upload documents (Employee Documents, Logbook screens, Company Documents etc.

**eml files are the standard format for emails**

4. Add URL Link to Employee Documents 

You may know that you can add web URL links to the Company Documents Section. Well, now you can add URL links into the Employee Documents section too!

5. Category Filter Option in Employee Documents 

Another enhancement to Employee Documents now allows you to add a category filter option to a document or URL just like you can in the Company Documents Section.

Holiday, Sickness and Other Leave 

You can now have multiple types of leave to be entered onto one day. E.g. Half day Holiday and half day Other Leave. Other Leave can be entered as 0.5 or in hours, making sure that the half day equates to half the amount of hours worked on that day.

6. Hide Date of Birth From Managers 

In addition to hiding employee salary and contact details from their manager, you now have the option to hide date of births too. This can be found in the Settings menu under a new option Called Employee.

7. Next Review Date 

Within the Employment tab in the Employees record, you have an option for Probation End Date. In addition to this we have now added a new option to add a Next Review Date for the extension of probation. This will also be found in the Query Builder if reporting is required.

8. Date of Resignation 

When processing someone as a leaver, you now have a new field, which allows you to enter the Date of Resignation, again also found within the Query Builder.

9. New Merge Tags for Template Documents 

When creating template documents within an employees record, you may be aware you can add a number of predefined merge tags to a document template. We have now introduced more tags, which will be available in the merge tags web page accessible through the editor. A list of the new tags available shown below:

• [[Current Date-2]] - This is in addition to the original [[Current Date]] tag already available and will give the format DD/MM/YYYY

• [[Additional Reports To]] - This will show the name of any additional reports to on the employees record, If there are more than one additional reports to, the system will recognise this and separate them by a comma.

• [[Probation End Date]] - This will take the probation end date from within the Employees employment tab.

• [[Next Review Date]] - Again this will take a the Next Review Date from within the Employees employmenttab.

• [[Current Total Annual Salary Reason]] - This option will show the reason why a total annual salary waschanged.

• [[Resignation Date]] - This will take the resignation date from within the leaver wizard.

• [[Known As Text]] - This will take the individuals Known As name from within the Personal tab

• [[Working Pattern]] - This option will take the employees current working pattern from within the planner.

• [[Entitlements]] - This addition will look at any additional entitlements as part of remuneration package,taken from the salary section within the personal tab. This will be displayed a s follows: Description, Fixed Amount, Percentage Amount, CommentsFor example: Car Allowance, £200, (2%), ABC123

10. Point In Time Reporting 

We now have an effective date pop up occur for Company, Location, Department, Employment Type and Reports To. This will now allow a point in time report to be generated. Within the Query Builder, a new option under a Date Filter is now available called As-At.

The As-At date filter will pick out the record that is in effect at the date selected.

For example if you want to know which location everyone was at on 1st January 2016 you could query on the history table and select Field Name = Location and filter the Effective date As-At 01/01/2016.

11. API & Add Image 

You will now be able to add employee photos via an API call. You will see a new option on the employee API called 'Add Employee Image By ID'.

**Note that doing this will replace any existing image.

12. Webhook Implementation 

This will allow external systems to receive notifications for following events -

• New Starter Added

• Employee personal detail updated

• Leaver

• Holiday added

• Holiday Updated

• Holiday Deleted

• Holiday Requested

• Holiday Approved

• Holiday Rejected

• Sick Added

• Sick Updated

• Sick Deleted

• Maternity / Paternity Added

• Maternity / Paternity Updated

• Maternity / Paternity Deleted

• Late Added

• Late Updated

• Late Deleted

• Employee Deleted

A new option within Company Settings has been added for the Webhook URL.

13. Email Inbox 

Administrators can now send an email which will be automatically added to the employee's documents section. This can be done in two ways:

1. If you are sending an email to an employee and wish for them to receive the email and also upload this to their documents section with People HR, simply ensure that the To Field contains the employee's email address (which is on their record in People HR) and also enter inbox@peoplehr.com into the BCC field.

2. If you have already sent the email previously and do not wish to send it again, you can still add the email to the employee's documents. To do this, simply ensure that the To Field contains inbox@peoplehr.com and the employees email address is contained within the Subject field.

With these options, the email size cannot exceed 15MB, only administrators have access to the email and the signature required button is not checked as default.

14. Settings 

There are a few changes to the view of the Settings section.

Email Settings now include the daily recap email options and the ATS email settings.

The previous Logbook setting section has now been renamed Employee and holds things such as Manager Can See Employee Salary and predefined Logbook options which can be turned on or off as required.


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