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Creating a Test Employee/Manager
Creating a Test Employee/Manager
Test People® functions on a test employee or manager
Written by Edward Dixon
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If you wish to have a test employee or a test manager to use for training purposes prior to rolling out your People® profile, this can be done by following the below.

1. Firstly you will require a valid email address for this. Go to Google or any other email provider and create yourself a free email account. 

2. Go to People® and create a new starter using the New Starter Wizard. Make sure you enter the email address you have just created.

3. If you already have your 'Self Service' then this will have sent a welcome email to the email account that you have created.

To be able to receive a welcome email and to use a fake employee profile, you must have your 'Self Service' active.  (You can deactivate Self Service when you are not using the fake employee).

To activate your 'Self Service' go to 'Settings' > 'Licences' and click 'Activate Self Service' and select 'Yes' on the “Are you sure?” Do not click on 'send welcome message'.

We understand that this may concern some of you, however as long as you adhere to the following, none of your existing employees will receive any communications from your People® site prior to you launching.

These are vital areas to avoid with 'Self Service' switched on if you have not rolled out your People® profile yet:

  • Do not edit an email address for any employees.

  • If you add and new employees, don’t enter their email address.

  •  Do not enter any holidays on your own profile.

  •  Do not send out any Thanks badges.

  •  Make sure that the Admin, Manager and Employee recap emails are switched off. (Located in Settings – Email)

  •  Do not add any sickness

  •  If you have the Ripple Workflow module, make sure that they are not in use

If you do need to carryout any of the tasks above, make sure that you go back into Settings and switch off your Self Service.

So this will give you the employee you require. Now if you want to have a manager, just follow all of the above creating a separate email address for your manager and a separate employee on People®.

Then all you need to do is go to one of the employee’s Personal tabs and select the other employee you have created as their “Reports To”.


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