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Company Planner - Locking Days
Company Planner - Locking Days

Administrators can lock days in the company planner in order to prevent holiday requests on that day

Written by Edward Dixon
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On the company planner the administrator can lock down a half day or full day, to prevent employees being able to book a holiday on that day.

  1. To lock down a day, or half day you must first go to the company planner: 

2. Scroll down to the day you want to lock and click on it, this will then give you the option to lock this day. Click 'Lock this day'

3. You will then see the new window to select exactly which half of the day, or the full day you are locking see below: 

4. Once you have entered the details including the reason why the day is locked (which is a mandatory field) press 'Confirm'. The day will now appear with a padlock icon in the company planner. Please see below:


5. You will now also see the same padlock icon within the employee planner. Go to an employee record, select the planner tab and when you scroll down to the month with the locked day and it should appear as below: 

If an employee now tries to book a holiday on the day (or part of the day) that is locked, it won't let the request go through.

--How to unlock a locked day--

To unlock a day again:

  1.  Go into the Company planner

2. Scroll down to the day that is locked and click on it

3, Select 'Unlock this day':

--Booking over a locked day--

If it has been discussed to allow an employee to have a holiday over a booked day, Admins would have to action the following:

  1. Unlock the day

  2. Add the holiday to the employee's planner

  3. Lock the day again


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