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Planner - Deleting Work Patterns
Planner - Deleting Work Patterns

(Admin Only) Removing work patterns

Written by Edward Dixon
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It is possible to delete a work pattern that is not currently in use, or hasn't previously been used. 

If a work pattern is attached to an employee historically, but isn't currently in use, please scroll down to the heading "Deleting Historical Work Patterns"

An easy way to find out what current work patterns are in use is to run a query. Click here to learn more on queries.

--Deleting a Work Pattern--

If a work pattern is not in use, or has not previously been used, you can follow the steps below to delete a work pattern. 

1. First go to the 'Settings' tab and enter sub-tab 'Work Pattern'

2. Then click on the work pattern name you would like to delete:

3. Once selected, a new window will appear, from which click on the 'Delete' button and confirm in the popup. This will remove the work pattern from the system completely

4. However, if the work pattern is still in use there will be no 'delete' option present.

This means that the work pattern is in use either assigned to an employee, or was in the past, thus being a 'historical record'.

There may also be cases that work patterns have been setup and assigned to employee records for testing purposes but you now wish to remove them.

--Deleting Historical Work Patterns--

It is good practice to save old work patterns for auditing purposes. But if you do need to delete one, here's how:

1. You'll need to identify which employee(s) the work pattern is or has been assigned to.

(The best way to do this is to run a query on work patterns, including the effective date and then once you have run the query, click on the 'Options' button and click 'Show History'.)

Or alternatively click the 'number count' present within the settings assigned to the work pattern, see below example:

This will show all employees who are assigned to the work pattern but not the historical data attached.

Once clicking you will be presented with the below:

Which displays all Active Employees, Leavers and Employees who are assigned this work pattern in the future.

2. Once this has been identified, access the employees record where the work pattern is in use

3. Click on 'Planner'

4. Click on the little clock icon next to the drop down list for work patterns:

By default, the system will stop you from deleting an old work pattern, to stop you losing any associated data.

To get around this, you’ll need to set the effective date of the new work pattern to at least one day before the effective date of the old work pattern. This overwrites the historical work pattern.

5. Follow the steps at the top of this article titled "Deleting a Work Pattern" and you will find it is now possible to remove this work pattern.

If you are still having difficulties please contact our support team.


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