As an employee, when you login to the system, you will see a 'Me' tab on the left hand side.

 The below steps take you through the Planner:

  • When you click on the 'Me' tab, the first thing you will see is the Planner. This will always open up at the current month. You will also see that the icons across the top, represent the options down the left hand side.
  • You can book a holiday in this area. Click on the day and select the duration. If you need to delete a holiday in the near future just select the previously booked holiday, click on it and you will see the option to delete. If ┬áthe holiday is in the past your line manager or a HR team member will need to delete the holiday for you.
  • You can request leave for an 'Other Event'. Again, select the day and then choose whether the duration is in days or hours. Choose a reason and enter the dates required. You can also upload any files. When you click on 'Save', this will send an authorisation request to your manager. Some 'Other Events' requests may have an associated entitlement with them. If you are unable to book an event, it may be due to insufficient allowance remaining. You can find your leave entitlement by scrolling up, clicking on the blue 'Settings' button and then choosing the right hand option which says 'Other Entitlements'. In here you can see applicable entitlements for various leave reasons, if applicable.
  • Here you can also see any sickness that has been added for you as well as any lateness.
  • You can view any public holidays within that month.
  • View maternity/paternity and enter any timesheets or assignments.

When you scroll to the top of the planner, you will see your sickness percentage, holiday entitlements (including any TOIL or carryover on your record, if applicable), Bradford Factor score and your sick days heat map. Note - The Bradford Factor Display may not be visible based on the settings set by your administrator.

  • You can also view your Holiday settings and also your work pattern which has been set by HR.
  • Finally, you also have an option to print out any absences you have had, as well as any holidays, which you have booked.


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