Employees can submit expenses, managers can authorise them and central admin can mark them as paid.

Expenses is based on a “mobile-first” strategy - that means you need a smart phone, Apple or Android to submit and authorise expenses.


To get started with the expenses module there are a number of system settings you need to check first:


Expenses Setting

In settings (see the screenshot below) make sure you have checked 'Allow Expenses In Use'. Optionally, you can set the Tax, Category and Tags. We’ve already set some of these up for you in a drop down list, please note, once used the dropdown options won't be deletable. 

Expenses Admin Access

By default all administrators can access the Expenses option on the left hand side menu.  you can also give access to additional users, for example someone in the accounts team by changing the security level on their record.

Expenses Workbench

The expenses admin user has access to all expense information. The screen allows expenses to be viewed and marked as paid.

Expenses can be filtered by:

  • Date
  • Status (Pending, Approved, Rejected)
  • Paid/Unpaid
  • Typically an administrator wanting to review and action expenses would only be interested in seeing all Approved, Unpaid expenses

Depending upon the filter, the screen will show different expense header. Clicking on the expense header will expand the screen and show the expense header details.

Most of the values are are self explanatory:

Total Expense Claim: The total of all lines

Total Taxable Amount: The total of all expense lines that are taxable (including tax)

Total Tax: The total tax on all the taxable expense lines

Total to Reimburse: The total amount marked as reimburse (including tax)

Total without Tax: The total amount of all lines without tax, that are taxable

Total Billable: The total amount marked as billable (including tax)

Each line is then shown, the headers are self explanatory - the screen is set out so that all the information you need to post into the accounts system is visible. However you can click on a line to see the detail

Expenses Query - The expenses information is also available in the Query option so you can produce flexible exports from the system.

On how to submit an expense request, please see the link below:

To learn how to view expense requests and approve or decline, please see:



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