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Add Training to an Employees Record
Add Training to an Employees Record
Enter training into an employees logbook
Written by Edward Dixon
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This article covers how to:

  • Add Training to an employees record

  • Add new training courses

  • Print and report on training

--Add Training to an employees record--

1. Access the employees record and click on the 'Logbook'

2. From the dropdown list on the right, click on 'Training'

3. Click on the plus icon to add a new record.

4. Fill in the relevant details:

  • If the drop down doesn't include the training course you wish to add, please scroll down to the next section in this article called 'Add New Training Courses'.

  • Choose the importance, select the status and add in the start and end dates

  • Add an expiry date for the training if applicable

  • Enter the provider, cost and any notes as required

  • Click on 'Save' to then add the training to the employees record. This will then be visible in the 'Training matrix' on the left hand side

You can use Automatic Task Alerts to remind you when a Training is near to the expiry date. For more information on Automatic Task Alerts, please see:

--Add New Training Courses--

This option is only available for admins. If you are an employee or manager and require . new training option added to the logbook, please consult with your HR team/System admin. 

1. Click into the 'Settings' tab

2. Go into the 'Logbook' settings. 

3. Select the 'Training' logbook

4. Click the pencil icon to edit:

5. Type in your new training course in the 'Items' text box and click the return/enter key on your keyboard to add it.

6. Click 'Add' to add the field changes.

7. Click 'Save' to save all changes to this logbook.

--Printing and reporting on this information--

Although you are unable to directly print information from the logbook, you can build a query report on this, export and print from there.

To learn more on how to build a query, please see: 


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