Within People® you can record the benefits that employees have, this is done within the Logbook section. This can also record equipment such as Laptops. This is useful, because if the ‘Recover on termination’ question is answered as yes, then you will be reminded when you go through the 'Leaver Wizard' that you need to claim it back. To see the article about the Leaver Wizard click here.

To add benefits in the logbook, follow the steps given:

1. Access the employees record and click on ‘Logbook’

2. From the dropdown list on the right, click on ‘Benefits’

3. Answer the first mandatory question and select which type of benefit that you want to record.

4. Add the relevant information to the other fields and select Yes or No for the ‘Recover on Termination?’ as mentioned above, as this will show in the Leaver Wizard, to remind you to claim it back.

5. You can also add attachments by clicking on the Files tab and uploading the document.

--Printing and reporting on this information--

Although you are unable to directly print information from the logbook, you can build a query report on this, export and print from there.

To learn more on how to build a query, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-queries-data/queries-how-to-create-a-query 


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