People® now integrates into your Greenhouse recruitment site.

The link will populate People® with the below information once the status in Greenhouse  = 'Candidate Hire' - 

• EmployeeId

• FirstName

• LastName

• Gender (Female by default)

• Email

• StartDate

• JobRole

• JobRoleEffectiveDate

• Location

• Department

• Address

• PersonalPhoneNumber


• CV

• Covering Letter

To set up this integration, please follow the steps below - 

Go to and create a new account using the Register option in the top right corner

Login in using your email and password

1. To use greenhouse integration, make sure you visited “peopleHR settings” & add your peopleHR API key in the same portal. You will need to create an API from with your People HR system settings.

2. Within the "Greenhouse Settings", enter a unique security code (remember this code and keep this somewhere secure).

3. Click “Activate Integration”.

4. Once you complete step 2, on the same page you will find “Your Greenhouse Integration Endpoint” , copy that link. (e.g : ).

5. Now go to Greenhouse & go to - > web hooks. It will allow you to create web hooks.

6. Put name of the web hook (e.g : my webhook).

7. Select “candidate has been hired”.

8. Put the link you copied from our system into the Endpoint field (e.g : , and enter the security key you created previously.

9. Create web hook.

10. When you hire candidates within Greenhouse, they will automatically port into People HR.

Custom Fields - Add company field

It is now also possible to feed the optional "Company" field within People from a custom field in Greenhouse. Please see the steps below:

1. Go to the following Greenhouse page and click Add Field: 

2. Give the Field a relevant name e.g. Company

3. Choose "Single Select" from the Type dropdown

4. Enter the Company/Companies you wish to be available in your Jobs. Enter each option ensuring that they are in list format as shown in the screen shot below:

5. Click Save.

6. Once this has been saved, click on the pencil icon next to the field we have just created.

7. Once the Edit Job Field window has opened, scroll down to where you see the "Immutable Field Key" and then copy the name of the custom field provided (note this may be named differently to that in the screen shot below):

8. Go back into your integration page (, into the Greenhouse page and paste this information as shown below:


Customer Services Team.

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