Adding Maternity/Paternity
Administrators can add maternity/paternity leave to an employees record
Written by Edward Dixon
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Only administrators can add maternity/paternity to an employees record. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the 'Employees' tab and enter the 'Planner' within an employees record.

2. Click on the relevant month you wish to add to and select the appropriate day on the Maternity/Paternity line.

3. Next, enter the due date, which calculates a few key dates and information for you.

4. Once known, enter the actual Start and End Dates which will finalize the record.

5. You can also add any comments and attach any relevant files to this record.

6. When complete, click on 'Save'.

  • Tip - Only administrators can add Maternity/ Paternity to an employees record.


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