Flexible Benefits
Set up benefits for your employees, such as childcare, a pension scheme, or medical cover
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We’ve added ‘Flexible Benefits’ to the system, meaning you can offer a selection of customisable benefits to your employees, such as childcare vouchers, medical cover or pension contributions.

If you want to add the Flexible Benefits functionality to your HR system, contact us today for a demonstration.

Once you’ve added flexible benefits functionality to your account, you’ll need to create your company’s flexible benefits scheme.

Here’s how you set it up:

1. Go to 'Settings'

2. Go to the 'Benefits' tab

3. You will now be asked to set parameters for which employees qualify for benefits. Set an enrolment date (when employees will be able to select benefits from), and an in force date (when the benefits will become active)

4. Set a total allowance – you can do this either as a percentage of salary, or as a set numerical figure

5. Decide if it is OK for an employee to exceed this total allowance

6. 'Employment Type' will let you select which contract types are eligible for these benefits e.g "full time" or "part time"

You’re now ready to add a range of benefits! Here’s how to do it:

1. Click ‘Add Benefit’

2. Enter a Title

3. Provide a URL if you want to link to a help page or FAQ

4. Select eligibility – is it available immediately upon hire? After probation? After a set number of weeks?

5. Set whether the benefit is free from National Insurance and/or Income Tax

6. Select if the benefit is mandatory or optional

You can add ‘Options’ to each benefit – for example, if you are offering medical cover, you are likely to have multiple options such as ‘Employee Only’, ‘Employee & Spouse’ etc. To do this, simply add ‘Options’, enter a title, set the employee contribution (monthly amount), and then if applicable, set the employer contribution too.

Launch your Flexible Benefits Scheme, and let your employees enrol. Here’s how it will look to your employees:

1. When an employee logs in, a new ‘Benefits’ tab will appear within their ‘ME’ tab

2. They may now Start Enrolment and create their benefits package

3. Once enrolled, they will be able to view their benefits package from this same screen

When creating their benefits package, employees simply select the benefit. If you’ve added ‘options’, they will also be asked to select these (unless mandatory), and set their contributions (if applicable).

Note – In the list of available benefits, the question mark icon will open up the webpage that you have added in the set up, allowing employees to get further information on the available benefit. 

Once an employee is happy with the benefits selected, they can submit – once they do this, they will not be able to make changes unless the Administrator re-opens it for them.

If you want to see the status of the benefits, and which employees have signed up, we’ve added an overview so you can see what’s open, pending or submitted.

You can also export the information held using the Query Builder.


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