Within People®, you have your own personal Tasks section where you can view and add any custom tasks.

Firstly in the Tasks section of People, you will see your tasks. These are a list of all tasks that have been assigned to you.

From this screen, you are able to create a new task using the '+' sign.

You can then assign a task to anyone within your system. You will need to enter a title for the task, and if you require a completion date, who it is in relation to and a description.

There are also the following tabs related to your own tasks within the Tasks menu:

  • Overdue - these are your tasks that have past their completion date.
  • New - any new tasks that have come into your task inbox.
  • Due Today - any open tasks that have a completion date of today.
  • Upcoming - any open tasks that have a future completion date.
  • Completed – this tab will show all of your completed tasks.

Once you click on a task, you get to view this task. It will show the title, as well as a completion date, who it is in relation to, a description as well as a notes box. You can choose to delete the task or to mark the task as complete you can select the button at the side of the title and save it.

The final tab within the Tasks menu is the All Tasks option. From this you can see all tasks within your system for all your employees. You will be able to see who they are assigned to and the due date.

When you select the date range option it will present the menu as above, you can either use the quick options along the right to quickly define a period such as Month to Date or Last 7 Days, or in the options in the rest of the menu you can manually select a from and to date margin for any past, present or future dates.

In addition to the date range filter you can also now filter from a dropdown list of categories to easily define the system area of tasks in which you wish to look, simply hover over the category option at the far right of the screen and check the boxes for the relevant categories. For example you may want to filter to just New Starter tasks.

Once you have filtered and pulled out the required tasks from the menu you may want to sort the columns of task information.

You can now click on the column headers to sort by that field, either, date, category, description or employee name to rearrange the data.

In this instance, date has been selected to arrange the tasks to show closest due date descending from the top.

Bulk Completion of Tasks

Before tasks could only be completed as individual items, now it is possible to bulk action multiple tasks for completion. Once you select the tasks you wish to action using the tick boxes, you will see the Mark Complete option at the top of the list.

Once you opt to complete, whether its individual or groups like above, you can now also add completion notes for the task assigner to consider when viewing.

Task Notifications

There are now automatically generated in system  notifications for being assigned a task

And also notification to the creator that it has been completed or updated.

And finally, the previously fixed pre-existing new starter tasks in the window are now editable so there is no need to remove them if they do not match your criteria, simply edit the existing to save time.

 From the first tab in tasks, My Tasks, you also have the option to set automatic alerts from the using the Manage Automatic Alerts option.

Within this screen, you can then subscribe or unsubscribe to automatic alerts from the system. This will prompt the administrator with a task concerning that alert for a specific employee.

Once you subscribe to a certain alert, you can set whether the Admin gets the alert, the manager gets the alert or both the manager and admin do and how many days before the alert arrives.

There is also an option to Manage Workflow alerts & Process which can be used using the Ripple™. More information on this can be found in the Support Site by searching Ripple.

  • Tip - Each screen within the tasks menu contains a search function using the magnifying glass to search tasks assigned to specific people.


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