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Explains the role of a hiring lead and how to manage the process

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As a manager you can be nominated as a hiring lead for vacancies within People®.

You will receive email notification of you new status as well as see the newly accessible ATS tab on the left. This video explains the process.

As a hiring lead you will be able to manage applicants within the vacancy you are the lead for, including adding a score card, click on an applicant to view their information.

Adding a scorecard allows you to rate the applicant in various areas and give overall score and recommendation, go to the scorecard tab on the applicant record to add your own.

You will also be able to move the applicant into the relevant stages as they progress through the pipeline, you can do this either in the applicant overview, or in the pipeline tab on the applicant record.

You will also see on the applicant record what actions are available to you.

These include emailing the applicant, this can be for general contact or to schedule an interview, email the team, so anyone else with access and responsibilities regarding the vacancy. 

You can reject the applicant, move to another stage in the pipeline or move/ copy them to another vacancy.

As well as being able to manage the applicants while logged in you will also receive email alerts from activity within ATS.


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