ATS - Applying for a Vacancy

This article will describe the process an applicant goes through when applying for a vacancy through the ATS system

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1. To apply for a vacancy via the ATS, the applicant will need to have access to the link for the job. This could be via either your company website, a form of social media, a job board, or an agency. 

2. On the job screen, potential applicants will see the information for the vacancy. It will show the job title, the job information as well as the location, department, salary, and job Reference. The applicant can share this vacancy via various forms of social media and can click the link to apply for the job. Once they click the link it will open the application form.

3. The first part of the application form is for the applicant's personal details. The fields marked with the asterisks are mandatory fields. The applicant would fill in their first and last names along with their email addresses. This is the email address you will use to send correspondences to the applicant. They can also fill in their postcode and use the address finder and then their phone number should they wish to.

4. Once, the applicant clicks next they will be taken to the questions that have been tailored to this specific vacancy. The applicant would select a source from the drop-down as to where they saw this vacancy. Then answer the question that have been provided.

5. Again, the applicant will click next. From here, the applicant will see the files part of the application form. The applicant can upload a cover letter and CV and can download the application form where applicable, and re-upload it once it has been completed. Note: If the settings for cover letter and CV are switched to Off the applicant will not see the option to upload a cover letter or CV.

6. Once they click next, this will be the application finalised. They will receive the message on the screen and will appear in your ATS module under New Applicants for this vacancy. The applicant can then finish the application and exit.


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