To schedule an interview for applicants:

1. First access the applicants record and then click on 'Pipeline'.

2. Click on the relevant stage you wish to schedule the interview and you will see a button called Interview.

3. Click on the 'interview' button.

4. You can then enter the date of the interview.

5. The email address you wish to send this invite from. As default you will see however you can add your own company email addresses to send them from. This is done from ATS Settings and we have a separate article which explains the setup of this, titled "Email Settings"

6. Enter the from and to times.

7. You can then select one or more people from your company who will be invited to conduct the interview with this applicant.

8. Next you have an option for 'Template', if you have some email templates already created, you can use this to pre load the content of the email. Again, we have a separate article which explains this setup.

9. Then enter the subject of the email.

10. And finally enter the information you wish to be sent in the email invite.

11. Scroll down, click 'Save' and the invites will be sent out. Anyone sent an invite will receive an email and a .ics file in order to add this to their chosen calendar.


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