When applying for jobs from mobile devices one of the limitations is that applicants may find it difficult to attach a CV or Covering letter to their application. Applicants can attach an image, what is essentially a screenshot of their CV, or covering letter, which will allow you to view it.

If the applicant cannot attach their CV or covering letter, this situation is dealt with by automatically emailing the applicant, asking for the additional details. An example of the email is below:

"Hi Suzy,

Thanks for applying for the role of Odd Job Person at Rocket Gardens.

You still have a number of steps to complete before we can accept your application:

1. Send us your CV (resume)

2. Send us your covering letter attach them by just replying to this email, don't change the subject line.




The email will come from either noreply@peoplehremail.com which is the default email address is given to every account if that is the only email address verified on your People® ATS email settings, if not then it will be the first email address verified on your account that does not begin with noreply@.

We strongly recommend you register alternative email addresses on your account to personalise emails coming from the ATS system and to handle incoming documents from applicants who have applied from a mobile device.

A quick filter on the applicant screen allows you to search for all applicants that have not attached a CV or covering letter. 

You can also sift applicants in bulk where there is no email or covering letter, move them to a specific segment in the pipeline and then bulk email them all asking for them to complete the application only those that reply should be moved to the next stage in the application process.


Customer Services Team

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