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Completing a Performance Review - Manager
Completing a Performance Review - Manager
A guide for managers on how to complete an employees performance review
Written by Edward Dixon
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The steps below describe how a manager should complete an employees performance review:

1. Click into the employee's 'Performance' tab

2. Click on the open review, or select 'Start a New Review' to open one. Only one review can be open at a time. 

3. You'll see a number of tabs at the top - these are different segments that contain 1 or more questions that will need to be completed by yourself, about the employee.

5. Once you have completed this, click 'Share' in the top right hand corner to share this with the employee. 

If an employee has already shared their part of the review, you will be able to view their answers directly under the text box for your answers:

You may also have the 360 tab at the top - this depends on how the review was set up.

If you do have this option, here you can invite the employee's colleagues to answer certain questions about the employee. These questions would have been set up by an admin. For more about 360 reviews, please see:

Once the employee and manager have both completed and shared their side of the review, you will have the option to close the review:


To learn more about Goals from a manager's perspective, please see:

To learn more about Goals from an employees's perspective, please see:


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