To mark an employee as a leaver to the system, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the ‘Employees’ section on the left.

2. Open the record of the employee you wish to go through the Leaver Wizard with. Then on the right hand side under Quick Actions, click on Leaver Wizard.

3.  The first screen, 'Personal Details', is where you will specify the reason for leaving, add any additional comments, specify the final employment date and also the final working date. You can also mark this person as a leaver immediately, which will block access to the system for this employee.

Here you can also see the remaining holiday balance for this year, and the pro rata amount. The 'Remaining Holiday Calculator' has been enhanced to exclude any toil, carryover and any Bank Holidays, which fall after the employees leave date.

The following sum shows exactly how the remaining holiday entitlement is calculated:

4. Click on 'Next' which will bring you to the employment section, this is where you can reassign any direct reports to another employee in the system, select whether you would or wouldn’t reemploy this person and any supporting comments.

5. The next section called 'Benefits' will remind you of any benefits this employee has that you chose to recover upon termination of employment. E.g. laptop, mobile phones etc.

6. Click 'Next', which will bring you to the 'Tasks' section. Here you can apply or generate any specific tasks you wish to use regarding the leaver. We have pre populated some options but you can click on the 'Add New Task' button to generate your own. You can specify who the task will go to (admin, manager, a specific employee in the system or you can choose to add a name and an email address which will send an email to the specified person providing details of the task set for them).

7. Finally, click 'Next' and this will finalize the leaver wizard and will have marked this employee as a leaver.

8. On the overview of the employee, you will now be able to see when the employee has left or is due to leave and the personal details from the leaver wizard.

9. You may also wish to re-hire the employee using the 'Quick Actions'. When re-hiring an employee there will be a pop up which will allow you to capture the new start date, work pattern and holiday entitlement.

Tip - When using the leaver wizard, think about adding any reminders/ tasks you may need to be reminded of. E.g. ensure you retrieve any company equipment. Once these have been added, they will be available to check each time you go through the leaver wizard.

Please Note: PeopleHR maintains a single set of email addresses for authentication purposes. An email address is used as the username for an employee. This is then linked to a single organisation. Currently PeopleHR does not support an email being linked to a second organisation. Please note, employees can still be maintained in PeopleHR without an email, however they would not be able to login to the system.

Our advice is that if a user is using their 'Personal email' to gain access to the system then after the final day of employment we recommend removing this email should the leaver need to reuse this in another organisation.


Customer Services Team

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