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Amend Contact/Bank Details
Amend Contact/Bank Details

Add or edit Address, bank details, phone number etc.

Written by Edward Dixon
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This article explains how you can update your own contact/bank details, and how an administrator can update other employee records.

--Update my own details--

To view or update your contact details in People®, including bank details:

1. Click on the 'Me' tab

2. Click on the 'Contact' tab

3. You can change any of the information in here and a notification will be sent to HR to inform them of this.

4. The little clock next to most fields can show you any changes.

5. At the bottom of the page you will see the Emergency Contacts button to add emergency contacts.

6. The postcode finder only works with UK addresses.

--Update another employee's details--

To add contact details to an employee record, follow the steps below:

1. Access the employees record and click on the 'Contact' Tab.

2. Here you can use the postcode lookup to find the employees address, or simply enter the address below.

3. Enter relevant phone numbers.

4. Add or amend bank details.

5. And finally there is an option to add emergency contacts, which is where any emergency contact details should be added.

  • Tip - The employee can also add or amend these details, in which you will be notified via the Notifications section on the left hand side.


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