Within an employee record and in their Personal tab, you are able to view and change their details, such as:

  • First name and last name.

  • Email address, which will drive where any authorisations come from and is also the employees login ID.

  • You can upload a photo for the employee.

  • There is a selection for the employees Reports to, and also below this, an option for Additional Reports to. The Additional Reports to will have full access to this employees record and will also receive authorisations requests.

  • Select the employees job role.

  • Add Salary details. When you add a new salary, you can specify any entitlements or deductions for this employee, which can be reported on.

  • Below you can specify the employees Company, Location and Department as required.

  • Other details such as Employee ID, NI number, Nationality and Employment type. 

Tip - For some of these fields, in the drop down list, you can choose ‘manage this list’ to create your own custom selections.


To view a your personal details in People, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Me tab on the left and then click on the Personal section on the left.

  • This shows any personal details that have been added for you.

  • Any fields that are grey cannot be edited

  • Any of the fields that are white can be edited and a notification will be sent to HR to inform them of this.

  • The little clock next to most fields can show you any changes.

  • If set by HR, you may be able to upload your photo.


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