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Thanks is a feature in the system accessible by all employees. It allows any active user to give recognition badges to any other employee, to see any badges, and to comment on them.

To give thanks click on the ‘Thanks’ tab, then within this tab there is a blue 'give thanks' button, click this and you will presented with the option of which thanks badge you wish to award, any comments you wish to add with the badge, and finally who is going to receive it. You can select from anyone in the system.

Alternatively if you have access to an employees record (E.g. if you are the employees manager) then you can click on the ‘Thanks’ tab at the bottom of their record and carry out the same process as above.


Finally, before giving the thanks you will see an overview and then click 'Save' and they will be awarded the badge and receive an alert regarding this. All thanks that have been given in the system will appear in a timeline in the thanks tab.

Within the Employees record, you may also see a Skills tab, which will show any personal skills and team skills that have been awarded from each badge.

Please note as Administrator you can edit the badges and even decide whether your company uses the Thanks feature or not, this is done by pressing the ‘Settings button’ and then clicking on the ‘Thanks’ tab.

--Is there a limit on Thanks badges?--

There is no limit on how many Thanks badges you can issue within People HR. Feel free to Thank anyone as much as you like!


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