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Why People® doesn't support Internet Explorer 8
Why People® doesn't support Internet Explorer 8
Reasons why we no longer support IE8
Written by Edward Dixon
Updated over a week ago

Internet Explorer Version 8 is becoming outdated.

According to TechCrunch, “it isn’t exactly a modern browser by any standards”. In fact, with huge SaaS products like Google Analytics announcing that they’ll be stopping support for the browser, it’s easy to see that IE8 is holding progress back – something that doesn’t sit well in today’s fast-paced world of modern technology.

For its time, it was great. But the restrictions it places on today’s software innovation, mean that in order to move forward, we need to consider whether it’s productive to babysit outdated browsers.

And for this reason, People® will not be supporting Internet Explorer Version 8. Don’t worry – People® gets along just fine with all later versions of Internet Explorer, as well as all the other browsers (Firefox, Chrome… to name just a couple).

But today, we say: “Goodbye IE8 - it was great while it lasted, but we’ve got an HR software revolution to take care of, and you’re slowing us down.”


Customer Services Team

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