This article explains how to create new public holiday templates, assigning an employee to a template, and how this affects their entitlement. Please see the relevant header below.

--Creating a Public Holiday Template--

  1. Go to the 'Settings' tab
  2. Select 'Holidays and Absence'
  3. Scroll down the 'Holiday and Absence' page 
  4. Click on 'Default Public Holiday Template'
  5. Select 'Manage This List'

6. Then Press the '+' Icon and create your own template(s), or the pencil icon to edit an existing

When creating a new one, you will see:

7. Select a name for this template, and start adding the public holiday days. 

--Assign an employee to a Public Holiday Template--

  1. Click the 'Employees' tab
  2. Locate and select the specific employee
  3. Go into their personal Planner
  4. Click on the 'Public Holidays' drop-down box and select the template you wish to assign them to.

--How Does This Affect an Employee's Entitlement?--

Once assigning an employee to a public holiday template, you can choose whether or not you would like the entitlement to include public holidays. This option is in the blue 'Settings' button of the employee's planner:

You will then be presented with the employee's Planner Settings:

If the box is ticked - the number of public holidays in the year should be added to the employee's entitlement, then any public holidays that land on a working day for that employee will be automatically booked from the employee's entitlement.

If unticked - If unticked but the employee is still on a public holiday template, this will simply display as a non-working day for an employee and will not affect the entitlement.


Employees get 20 days entitlement plus 8 days public holiday.

If the box is ticked - Employee should be given 28 days entitlement. All public holidays that land on a working day for the will be deducted and shown as 'Booked'.

If unticked - Employee should get 20 days entitlement to book their personal holidays, public Holidays will simply show as a non working day.


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