If no employees have started this review yet, you are able to delete the template by:

  1. Going into the 'Settings' tab
  2. Selecting 'Performance' 
  3. Clicking on the review you wish to delete 
  4. Click the 'Delete' button:

If all reviews of this template are either completed or not started, the delete button will be available. 

If this area does not have a delete button, it is because it has already been opened in an employee's performance tab - you are unable to delete a performance template if there is a record of this review 'In Progress' in an employee's record. 

If this is the case, locate the employee's record who has this review open, go into their Performance tab and click into the open review. If the employee or manager has not input information in any segment yet, you can simply delete this review:

If information has been added already, we advise discussing with the employee or manager - they may be happy to delete and start again or they may prefer to complete and close the review. 

Once all open reviews have either been deleted or closed, go back into the Performance template in the Settings area and there should now be a delete button. 


Customer Services Team.

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