You can configure the steps within the Applicant Overview tab on the ATS. You are able to edit each stage and amend the stage name, the stage colour and determine who can move applicants in and out of each stage. You can delete certain steps and you are also able to move the stages up and down the list depending on the order you would like to place them.

You can specify the questions for the scorecard section of the ATS. You can amend each competency to link it to your own core values. Within each category, you can amend the name and once pressing next, you can add questions. Once again, you are also able to delete any existing categories, add your own and amend the order. 

There are separate articles for the Approvers, Hiring Leads, Email Templates and Email Settings to go through them in more detail which can be found in the support site.

Within the application settings, you can amend the confirmation message the application receives when they have finished their application form. You can determine whether you accept duplicate applicants, which will allow or stop applicants applying for more than one job. And along with this, you can decide how the ATS module checks for duplicates.

Finally, you’ll see the vacancy settings. In here, you can decide to allow employees and/or managers to request job approvals and allow mail merge documents for applicants.


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