This tool is designed to upload new employees to the system in bulk directly from an excel spreadsheet. If you wish to update an existing employee's information in bulk, please see the below article on the People® Employee Data Updater Tool:

To use the bulk actions tool to upload new employee information:

  1. Click on the Bulk Actions tab on the left hand menu:

2. Select the 'Employee Data Upload' option:

From here, you will be presented with the below screen:

3. To download the data sheet template, click the blue linked text "Download "Bulk Employee Upload" Template:


Inputting the data - things to note:

  • We advise to test with 1 test employee to ensure you're confident with this feature
  • The red/orange columns are mandatory
  • The blue columns are optional
  • Each row creates a new employee record
  • If uploading an employee with the same Employee ID as an existing employee, this will override the existing employee record (leavers included). 
  • This should to be saved as an .xls file
  • Dates should be added in the DD/MM/YYYY format


4. Once the data sheet has been completed and you are ready to save, a small change needs to be made to the file name. It will download to your computer as:


Please change the 'yourcompanyname' text to your URL sub domain. 

For example, if your URL is:

your file should be saved as:


5. To upload your file, go back into the Bulk Actions area and select 'Browse':

6. Once uploaded, click 'Validate Excel':

This will review your file and provide you with any validation messages, errors etc.
A breakdown of what each validation/error message means can be found within the 'Error Messages & Validations' section at the bottom of this article. 

7. If changes need to be made, you can simply edit the file saved to your computer, re-upload and select 'Validate' again.

8. Once you have reviewed the validation messages and made changes if necessary, select 'Upload Data' in the bottom right hand corner:

9. You will be shown a confirmation message:

Please note!
We advise to test with 1 test employee first to ensure you're confident with this feature.

Once data has been uploaded we will be unable to override this information in bulk, and therefore will be unable to rectify any errors. Please double check and ensure all information has been added correctly within the data sheet before uploading. 


Once you have clicked 'Validate Excel', you'll be presented with a page similar to the one shown below. 

If you select 'Pre-Processing Validations' section highlighted above, it will reveal each validation that this file will have to pass in order to be uploaded. 

If you find a cross next to any point, you will be unable to load this data until making a change. This points are explained below:

  • Uploaded File should be in excel format (i.e. case-sensitive .xls extension).

Your file cannot be saved as another file type, only a .xls type will be accepted.

  • Uploaded File Name should be in "Sub Domain_EmployeeData.xls" format (case-sensitive).

The file must be named as described. This is further explained, with screenshots, in point 4 of the above instructions on setting up.

  • Uploaded Excel File should have only one worksheet.

Your file cannot have multiple tabs or filters against the data. Even once these have been deleted it will pick up in the background. If this alert does flag up, please copy and paste the data into a blank template.

  • Name of single worksheet available in uploaded excel workbook should be "EmployeeData".

The name of the open work sheet (bottom of excel page) should be named EmployeeData - case sensitive, no spaces.

  • EmployeeData worksheet should have thirty six columns.

Columns should not be added or deleted.

  • All expected columns should be available in "EmployeeData" worksheet at required position. 

Columns should not be moved or renamed. 

  • EmployeeData worksheet should contain data in at-least one row.

As well as having to have at least one row, there cannot be any gaps (empty rows) in between rows with data. 

  • Uploaded Excel File should not have more than 200 rows.

This tool can load up to 200 new employees at a time - leaver records do not count in this value.

  • Total Employees(Existing Employees + Number of Employees in Uploaded file) should not exceed Total Licensed Employees

If this alert flags up, you are about to exceed your Total No. Licensed Employees and you may wish to discuss this further with your accounts manager on 

This value not count leaver records. You can check value this in your Settings > Licenses


Customer Services Team.

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