The most common reason why you can't login to People is either normally one of the following:

  • You are using the wrong company login page 
  • You are using the wrong password 
  • You are using an email address which is not the email address on your personal record 

Resetting your password

Once you have your company login page then use the password reset link.

If you've done this correctly you will get the following email:

If you are trying to set your password you must make sure it is:

  • 8 or more characters
  • 1 uppercase Letter 
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character such as a comma or bracket , ( The following characters are supported:

: _!@#$%^&*()-+=,.;?:

If we can't find the email you've entered on the People system we won't send you the link. In this case you need to contact your manager or HR administrator and ask them to check the email address they have put against your employee record.


Customer Services Team

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