This program will allow you to update salaries from a CSV file in bulk. 

Download the Salary Updater Tool  HERE

There are two files to download here, the Updater Tool and the CSV template. The tool itself looks like this:

You will be required to paste in an API key in the Settings area of this tool. The API key must contain access to the salary record - on how to create an API key, please see:

A template file is available when you download the program, you must have the columns in the order shown. Columns A, G, I & J are mandatory and must always exist as Column A, G, I and J, they can have any column label. The program will look at column A for the ID and Column G for the new salary, Column I for the reason as to why the salary is being changed, and J for the currency. 

The program will create a new salary record, copying the previous record and updating the salary. 

You can test with 1 or 2 employees in the CSV file. 

Although the attached file is Excel, you must always export it to CSV to use with the program.


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