The steps below describe how a manager should complete an employees performance review:

1. First, access the relevant employees record and then click on the 'Performance' tab on the left hand side.

2. In here you will see how any open reviews and you can also click on the 'Past reviews' tab to see any previous reviews that have been completed within People® for this employee.

3. Click to open the performance review you wish to complete for the employee.

  • At the top of the review you will see a number of tabs. The Employee tab will only appear if the employee has completed their review and shared this with you. In this tab you will be able to see all of the answers and scores provided by the employee. Initially, you may see an overall score, core score and job role score, provided by the employee. You will also see any entered comments below.
  • The review is split up into different segments. You will see blue segments, which are set as core questions, and also some green segments for job role questions. Depending on how the review has been setup, there can be up to 10 core segments each with up to 5 questions and up to 10 job role segments each with up to 5 questions.

5. If you then click into the 'Manager' tab at the top, you can then go through the same scores and questions but based on how you believe the employee has performed.

  • Once you have completed all questions within a segment, you will see a green tick in the segment. You can log out of the system and update your questions and complete the review at any point during the completion period.
  •  Once all of the questions are complete, and there is a green tick in all segments, you will see an option at the top to share the review back with the employee.
  • You can also print the review if required. You will see a 'Print' button at the top, which allows you to print a PDF of the review you have completed. This will show both the employees answers and scores, as well as your own.

6. Next, you also have a 360 option (if this has been setup by admin) and if you click on the '+' icon, it will allow you to invite other employee to provide 360 feedback for this employee.

7. Finally, you will also see an option for Goals, when you click in to here, you can click on the '+' icon to set any goals. You may also see some goals that the employee has set previously. Name the goal, enter a description, a due date if require and also how the progress that will be measured, as well as the target. Click 'Save' and you will see the goal in the grid. You can add as many goals as you require.

  • To update the progress of a goal, click into it and then click on 'CheckIn'. You can then update the progress, enter any comments and also attach files if required. You are able to 'Park' the goal or close the goal.
  • If you wish to edit a goal, click on the pencil icon to the right of the goal and you can make the relevant changes.
  • Within the left hand bar you also have a main 'Performance' tab, if you click in to here you can keep a track of your teams performance reviews. It will show how many have been completed, how many outstanding and how many questions the review has. The second tab at the bottom will show the employees progress, how has started the review, who has completed etc. The third tab will show who is in the top ten based on the core strengths of each question within the review. Finally the fourth tab will give you graphical information relating to the current review against previous ones.


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