You will see the above screenshot in many different areas of the system, and some text editors will have features that are different others.

For example, when creating a document template or an email template within the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), there is also a tag list to display all available fields to merge employee information (which does not appear on the text editor above). Please see the screenshot below:

When using the Text editor, if you get stuck with any buttons/actions, you can click on the question mark icon for a run through of what each button can do:

To insert paragraphs, page breaks, top line etc. you will find all of these options here:

In most cases, you may already have a document saved on an external file that you wish to add to an area of the system, and sometimes this needs to go through the text editor to be displayed. Because Microsoft Word and the People HR text editor are 2 different programs, they both format text differently.

When you paste text from Word, the People HR editor tries to format the text best it can, but it will not be the same, hence why you may find that things are all over the place.

In order to avoid this issue, we advise to strip all formatting from the original document (eliminate bold, italics, colour, bullet points etc.) or copy the text and paste it into the notepad application on your PC - this will do the same without changing the original document. If you then copy the text again and paste it into the People HR editor, then the text will be much more organised, and then you will be able to format the text within the text editor, such as bullet points, bold text etc.

Another option is the button shown above - if you click here and copy and paste your text into the box provided, this will strip most (if not all) the background formatting. You can then format your text within the Text Editor.


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