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Queries - Point in Time Head Count Report
Queries - Point in Time Head Count Report

Report on the employees in the company at a specific time

Written by Edward Dixon
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If you wish to find out the headcount of the company at a certain point, please follow the steps below in order to create a report on this data.

First click on 'queries' on the left hand menu and click on the '+' icon to create a new query.

Next, select ‘Leavers’ from the first column on the left in the query builder and then select ‘Start Date’ and ‘Final Day of Employment’ from the 3 right hand columns.

  • Tip - If you want to bring any other data into the query, simply select the other fields you require, e.g. department, job role, location etc.

Then, filter on the ‘Start Date’ choosing the ‘Less Than’ option and specify the date after the day you wish to know the headcount. In this example I wish to know the headcount at the 1st May 2016 therefore I have filtered on anyone who started before 2nd May 2016.

Next, filter on the ‘Final Day of Employment’ choosing the ‘Greater Than’ filter and select the day before you wish to know the headcount. In this example I have selected the 30th April 2016. You then also need to add a condition and choose ‘OR’ ‘Is Blank'.

Click ‘Next’ and then give your query a name and description.

Click ‘Next’ again and this will run the query for you, showing you a list of employees for your chosen date. This report will then be saved to the query list and can be edited at any point with the relevant filters to show a headcount at a specific time.


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