STAR P60 Loader
Integrate your People® system with STAR P60 loader by downloading and following the instructions
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People® can upload P60 data from Star payroll. Download the STAR P60 Loader HERE

  1. First you'll need to create an API key (if you are already using the Star payslip uploader then you don’t need to do this). This will need access to 'Documents' - on how to create an API key, please click here.

  2. Copy this key as you'll need to paste it somewhere soon.

  3. Run the program and select the 'Settings' option

  4. Paste the API key

 In order to upload the P60s you will need download the P60 CSV from Star. If you are unsure please speak with the Star helpdesk.

Running the program will allow you to select the CSV file exported from Star. You will then be able to generate the PDF’s review them and then once satisfied upload them.

Matching on the employee record is performed using the NI Number.


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