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STAR Payslip Generator/Upload
STAR Payslip Generator/Upload
Upload your payslips to People® via this programme straight to employee records
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It’s possible to upload a document using the People API into the employee document folder. We’ve used this mechanism to allow payslips to be uploaded into People. This program takes a CSV file, re-constitutes a PDF from the CSV file into a payslip format and then loads it into the employee record. 

Download the STAR Payslip Generator HERE

Mapping the CSV Data

Below you will find the annotated payslip that is produced, the Red lettering maps across to the columns in the spreadsheet, showing you the mapping

We’ve included a sample data file as well, called SampleData.csv.

Download the Sample Data HERE

Specific Rules for Dynamic Pay and Deduction Elements 

STAR payroll export may not always output all the entitlement an deductions so the program will map the entitlements and deductions onto the payslip as follows:

- Columns W onwards in the SampleData.csv:

a. if Row 2 contains word Total and the value is non-zero then print in the Payments section of thepayslip

b. If Row 2 contains the word Column and the value is non-zero then print in the Deductions section of the payslip 

c. If Row 1 contains either of (case insensitive check)

Ssp paid

Smp paid

Sap paid

SPP Paid

And the value is non-zero then print int he Payments section of the payslip

d. if Row 1 contains 



And the value is non-zero then print int the Position BW and BV section as shown on the Pay slip image in this article.

Matching the Employee Record

The program matches the data in the CSV to the People record using the NI Number within People.

Install and Run the Program

Install the program and double click on the ICON to run it. You will be prompted to enter the API Key. You need to generate an API key within People. To do this login and go to the settings option and then the API submenu. Make sure the API key is generated with a full set of permissions. 

When the program is run you will need to enter the API key into the settings. Also choose the Document Category you want the document to be loaded into. 

The system allows you to work with a UAT or Production site, because you will be testing with a small set of data you can work with your production system.

You will also be able to decide whether the upload should include or exclude leavers.  If you select exclude leavers then this means that any leavers that appear on the CSV will not be included on the upload.

Next you will be prompted for the data file:

Select the file and load:

If your People system does not have NI numbers against specific employees you will be shown an information message

Once uploaded you will have the option to generate the PDFs:

You can click and each line and see the PDF that has been generated, and the Uploads the PDF to the employee records.

The program will confirm the data has been uploaded

You can now view the payslip in the employee record


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