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ICAL Calendar Feed

We use an industry standard interchange called a ICAL or Calendar Feed - follow the steps to sync your calendars

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Follow these steps:

1. Firstly, you need the link from People. Go to the company planner screen and select the 'Calendar Feed' button

2. This will show a popup with the option for you to generate your feed.

3. Once generated a long link will be shown, you need to copy that link, just highlight it and copy.

Next you need to go to your calendar program:

  • In Google calendar you need to look on the left hand side of the screen, look for “Other Calendars” and select the drop down arrow next to it. Select the 'Add By URL' option and then paste in the link you have just copied. (Google Calendars refresh every 24 hours)

  • On your MAC calendar choose 'File' > 'New Calendar Subscription' and paste in the link, then set the refresh rate.

  • On Outlook (depending upon the version you may need to follow different menu options) select File, Data File Management. Select the 'Internet Calendars' tab. Click 'New' and then paste in the link, The feed will synchronise when your mailbox refreshes however you can force the sync by hitting 'Send/Receive'.

Note: The person viewing the calendar will see events (E.g. Holidays, sickness) based on their access to the company planner. Admins can setup how employees and managers view the company planner, to do this go to:

Settings > Company and scroll down to 'Company Planner'.

You will see the following options:

Select the option from the dropdown lists relevant to your company. This will edit how employees, or managers see the company planner.

  • By turning off 'Other events reasons' You will stop employees, or managers from seeing the reason employees other than themselves have other events on the company planner. By turning 'other event reasons' employees and managers will be able to see other events in the company planner.

  • Only administrators can see sickness reasons.


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