You can edit the order of the pipeline stages that future applicants will follow. You can also do this for closed vacancies to show your correct process if this was missed previously.

1. Click into the 'ATS' tab

2. At the bottom of the screen, click the icon which is third from the left, showing three people in a line.

3.  Use the drop down box in the top right hand corner to specify which vacancy you wish to edit. 

3. Click on the pencil next to 'Applicant Overview'

4. You can now edit the pipeline process, move stages up and down with the arrows on the left, rename or remove stages by clicking 'edit' or 'delete' on the right, and add stages by clicking 'add stage' at the bottom

To exit the process, click 'exit edit mode'

Awaiting Approval Stage

When a vacancy has an offer approver, it will have an additional pipeline staged labelled 'Awaiting Approval'. This means that applicants will not be able to move past this stage until an offer approver has reviewed their record and accepted. Click here to learn more about offer approvers.

Even when a vacancy does not have an offer approver, this stage will become visible when editing your pipeline - this is just so that you can move your stages as needed, and are aware where this stage will be placed if you add an offer approver later on.


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