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User defined fields (Analysis Codes)
User defined fields (Analysis Codes)
Add two new fields in the personal tab to specify any additional information.
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You can turn on the option to add two new fields for all employees within their 'Personal' tab. These tabs can be customised to suit your company, for specific information that you cannot find an area to log elsewhere.  Just to name a few examples you may use this for:

  • Team

  • Cost Centre

  • Sub Department

  • Education Level

To enable these fields, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab

  2. Click the ‘Company’ Tab

  3. Click ‘Turn On’ next to the button labelled ‘Analysis Code In Use’. 

  4. Two fields will now be available for you to define the labels of what will be displayed in the ‘Personal’ tab.

Here is how the two fields will look like within an employee's record.

The two additional fields are also available via the API ‘Employee’ Endpoint. 

As you can add, edit or delete options from the Company/Location/Department field lists, you can also define the options within your new personalised fields. To do this, go to an employee’s 'Personal' tab, selecting the appropriate drop-down box and click ‘Manage this List’ at the bottom of the list.

This can be actioned by Administrators only. This information is fully reportable in the query builder:


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