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Edit / Elevate Access Rights
Edit / Elevate Access Rights

Edit employees access to People® functions

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--Do I need to Edit a users Access rights?--

The first thing to be aware of and never to mistake, is that we don't need to edit anyone's access rights in order to achieve standard access capabilities on any tier. 

Standard permissions are already granted by your status in the system as either Employee, Manager or Administrator. This should allow users to action anything they need based on their status, such as request or approve holidays, view team members etc. 

Edit access rights is to provide a user with additional access if they need to, such as Payroll having access to Salaries, or receptionist having access to view and edit contact details. You would edit access rights to allow users to view and manage certain aspects as an administrator, without having full admin access to the whole system. 

To learn what access users have by default, please see:

--How to edit a users Access rights--

1. Go into the employee's record whose access rights you wish to edit

2. In their Overview, under ‘Quick Actions’, click ‘Edit Access Rights’

3. Click on the blue ‘Edit Access Rights’ button.

4. Use the filters at the top to specify who this user will have access to (later you will specify which areas of their record). There is an area at the bottom of this article that explains each button and filter in more detail. 

4. Scroll down and choose the areas in the system that you wish this employee to have access to, in relation to the employees record you have filtered above. E.g. Salary, documents, bank details, news, etc.

4. Click on 'Save'. This will then grant this access which the employee will see the next time they login.

As you can see in the video above, you can give an employee access to certain areas of the system settings. For more information on this access specifically, please see the link below:

Description of each button/field in more detail:

  1. Filter the employee’s access by Company/Location/Department. You can state, for example, that they will only have access to a specific Location.

  2. When using this filter, the system will look at this and no other filters (other filters will revert back to ‘All’ by default). This can be used if you only want to allow someone access to one or a few specific employees.

  3. There may be a certain person that lands in all of your above filters but you do not want to allow the user access to this individual. For example, you may wish to allow the employee access to everyone in the ‘Sales’ department, but the CEO is also in that department. This filter would be great in this case.

  4. Clicking the ‘Extended Access’ button will give the employee the highest possible access for each area.

  5. Clicking the ‘Reset to Default’ button will reset the employee’s edited access rights back to no access (apart from access to view News and Company Documents - this is a system standard).

--Manager with edit access rights--

Managers or employees with custom access rights are able to see those who this access has granted to from within their Team tab. From here please advise they access the quick filters menu in the top right corner and select the "Include proxy" option from the menu. 


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