To locate this Setting area, please go to:

  1. 'Settings' tab
  2. 'Mobile' tab

1. You can select if you wish for the Chat feature to be available. For more information on this, please go to the following article:

2. If you allow Email Addresses to be seen, you can choose if the app only shows those email addresses matching the Admins domain. This will be useful for those employees who are using a personal email address to log in, but do not want other employees to know the address.

3. There is an option to have 'Mobile Tap In / Out'. This allows employees to clock in and out from their People® mobile.

If you use the plus (+) icon under the Locations heading, you can specify a location (using geo-fence technology) so that employees can only tap in and out manually when they are within this location.

If a location has been added, you can select 'Auto mobile tap IN/OUT'. If this is turned on, as long as an employee is logged into their phone app, they will be automatically clocked in when they enter this location and clocked out when they exit.

To learn more about this feature and options, please go to:


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