The Authorisations tab shows you requests for Holidays & Other Events, Timesheets & Assignments, Logbook and Expenses. As an admin or manager, this is where you would go to approve/decline a request, as well as view previously decided requests. 

-Admin View-

You will have a 'Quick Filters' drop-down box in each tab. As an admin, you are able use this to view all pending requests in the company, all decided requests (approved/declined) and also your own requests. This information will be relevant to the tab that you are in (i.e Holidays).

Holiday - This will present each holiday and other event request, who requested it and when, and the date it was booked for. You can click on this request to approve or decline it, as well as write any comments. If you are in the 'Decided' area, the list will also include whether this was approved/declined and who actioned the request. 

Timesheet - Here you will have another drop-down box called 'Timesheet Type' with the options to view timesheet requests or assignment requests. Again, clicking on a request will allow you to approve/decline it. 

Logbook -  Within the Logbook option, if you have set approvers for changes made by either Employees or Managers, you will see any pending requests in here. Again, if you click on the option you will see the change or addition details.

Expenses - Within the Expenses area of Authorisations, you will see any Expense claims that require authorisation. If you click on here you will be able to approve or decline. You also have the option to show deleted expenses. 

-Manager view-

The is only a slight difference in a manager's view of the Authorisations tab. Instead of being able to view all requests for the whole company, managers can view all requests of their direct, as well as their own requests. They can also view and approve holiday requests for their indirect reports. 

-Employee view-

Employees will still have all options on the left-hand side, and can only view their own requests from the Authorisations tab.

How to 'sort' columns

In the authorisations tab, by clicking column header you can sort the list in the following ways:

  • By employee name (alphabetically)
  • By holiday booked (chronological)
  • Duration (acsending/descending)
  • By approver name (in most cases, explained below*)
  • By request date (chronological)

*Due to the Holiday Approval Workflow feature, multiple approvers now show within the Authorisation tab. The previous sorting option for approvers has been removed to avoid confusion. This change has been made only to the Holiday tab; you are still able to sort by approvers for Timesheets, Logbooks and Expenses.

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