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Performance Review Settings
As well as filtering by Company, Location, Department, Job role and Employment type, you can also specify in a little more detail as to who will be assigned a certain Performance Review. We have added three new fields to the filter area of the performance review set up; Specific Employee(s), Exclude Employee(s) and Length of Service. 

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ATS Time Zone
When setting up and inviting an applicant to an interview, you will now see a ‘Time Zone’ drop-down box. If an applicant is in a different timezone to you, when inviting them to an interview you can use this feature to present the different time zones - this is perfect for international phone interviews, for example.

You can state the time that your interview will be conducted in your time, select the time zone that the applicant will be in and People® HR will do the rest. This will translate within the email invite if you use mail merge, as well as the calendar feed attached to the email.

Logbook Approval Requests Email Templates
We have slightly modified the email update that is sent to a manager when an employee submits a training request, and also the email that comes back to the employee when this request has been approved or declined.

This email now specifies the name of the training, making it a lot easier for you to decipher the subject of this training logbook.

Public Holiday Settings
In an employee’s planner, you will now see a clock icon next to the Public Holiday drop-down box. This will show all changes made to this field for this specific employee. i.e changing from one bank holiday template to another.

Additional areas in the Query Builder
We have added some new areas for you to select within the query builder. You can now filter on; Other Event Added By, Other Event Added On, Other Event Request Date and Other Event Last Action Date.

Loading time for System Settings Page
We have improved the loading time for when you click on the ‘Settings’ tab. You should notice a positive difference when going into different areas within Settings.

Other Event and Absence Reasons
You now have the ability to mark an absence reason as inactive. If this is done, no further transactions can be recorded with this reason.

You can also define a maximum carryover rule for other event reasons, as well as specify a rollover type - ie. No rollover, holiday year, calendar year. This is so Other Event entitlement can be carried over if you choose.

Task Notifications
Notifications will now be generated in relation to tasks. These can be found within the Notifications tab. 

A notification will be sent to the person who this task has been assigned to, unless the creator of the task has assigned it to their self.

If the assignee deletes this task or marks it as complete, a notification will be sent to the creator, as long as they are not the same individual.

If a user updates the task, the creator of the task will receive a notification.

Delete employee within Edit Access Rights
When giving an employee edited access rights, you now have the option to allow access to delete an employee.

In addition to increasing the functionality and rules for Project Timesheet’s, we have enhanced the API functionality to go with this. We have now some more calls to the API workbench for Project Timesheets. For more information, on this, please go to:

SI-2260 - Proxy Access Logic
We have improved the way in which proxy access is presented. Only when an individual is given access rights to specific employee information, would they then be able to view these employee’s within the employee list and access their record.

SI-2164 - Contact Details Logout Issue
We rectified the occurrence of an oops message in certain circumstances when contact details were entered within an employee’s record.

SI-2149 - Normal Working Hours Validation
Within holiday and absence Settings, under Normal Working Hours (Daily) we will now allow up to two decimal places, instead of full or half values. For example, if you have a 38 hour week, you can now enter 7.6 in this field.


SI-2350  - We have fixed an issue where the text search function within the Expenses tab was not working correctly.

SI-2349 - The FTE value that displays on an employee’s Overview tab can now display up to 2 decimal places.

SI-2312 - We have updated the logic on Proxy access for the Planner. Now, only admins with full admin access will be able to amend the full-time hours value.

SI-2334 - Within the ATS, all admins, along with hiring leads & hiring managers, will be available in the drop-down box when selecting notifications for different pipeline stages. 

SI-2273 - When approving a holiday for next year on the mobile app, the employee’s entitlement balance details will be shown for the year it has been booked for, and not the current.

SI-2300 - We have stopped the ability to remove a pipeline stage if this has been added to the Notifications tab of the vacancy.

SI-2256 - Performance weekly recap emails will only include the current outstanding reviews for the correct criteria at the time. 

SI-2283 - The system will only take into consideration non-deleted employees when looking at which fields are in use. This allows you to delete a logbook field if it was only in use for an employee who has since been deleted.

SI-2301 - If given the proxy access to do so, managers will be able to view Date of Birth information within the query builder, as well as the employee’s record.

SI-2264 - We can confirm that work pattern history will be displayed correctly within the query builder after a small issue that occurred has now been corrected.

SI-2096 - If a segment within a performance review is deleted, all other segments and questions will remain in the same order, minus the removed segment.

SI-2303 - As an admin, the value shown next to the ‘Authorisations’ tab will only show pending requests for other users and not your own.

SI-2341 - Archived processes for a specific Ripple will only consider non-deleted employees.

SI-2128 - We’ve made some changes to the logic for proxy users having access to logbook screens and documents. Files within a logbook screen can now be viewed within the Documents tab.

SI-2311 - When creating/resetting your password, a validation message will appear for special characters that are not allowed.

SI-2293 - When filtering date fields in QB, the today’s date filter will show records added/updated today.

SI-2335 - We have corrected a small issue where changes to a ‘Check Document Signed’ step within a ripple process were not saving. 

SI-2294 - The correct validation message will be displayed if you exceed the character limit when adding comments to a vacancy in the ATS.

SI-2313 - We have increased the maximum length for Other Event entitlement values. The validation message displayed will now be the same as the holiday entitlement

SI-2327 - If you have Proxy access to ‘Update’ ATS, you will be able to save a newly created vacancy with no issue.

SI-2129 - TOIL balance will be correctly shown within the Leaver Wizard to confirm a correct pro-rata calculation for the leavers entitlement.

SI-2297 - An employee’s LOS shown in the query builder is now correctly matched with the Length of Service shown within the employee record.

SI-2268 - Tasks generated by ‘Missions’ will not be allowed for bulk completion of tasks, they will have to marked as completed individually.

SI-2298 - We have corrected an error occurring when rejecting an applicant if you wish to skip the email template option. 

SI-2336 - When setting up/editing a performance review, any changes made to the specific employee(s) filters will be auto-saved. On updating a specific employee list,  the performance review template will be auto-saved. 

SI-2326 - We have fixed a small bug when updating Other Event entitlements via the API which was causing the updated value in hours to convert and display in minutes. 

SI-2319 - When using the Help Me Calculator to calculate an employee’s annual leave entitlement, their entitlement value will now be rounded to nearest 0.25.

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