January 2018 Release
Enhancements and Fixes
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SI-2557 – Approvers will no longer receive an email confirming that they have approved an employee’s holiday request.

SI-2475 – Admins have the ability to delete options from a drop-down field within a custom logbook screen, regardless of whether or not they have been previously used in a record that has since been deleted.

SI-2367 – The API Call ‘get all employee details’ now includes additional reports information.

SI-2362 – A delete button has been added to a leaver’s Overview tab. To comply with GDPR regulations, we cannot store deleted records - once an employee record is deleted from the system, we are unable to retrieve this information.

For more information, please see the below article:

SI-2364 – When bulk booking a holiday, the system will look at an employee’s Location and Department to check if this day is locked for the users specified.

SI-2445 – A small background error has been resolved to allow the ability to post news when logging in through the browser on the mobile phone. Please note that for the changes to take effect, you will need to ensure that your device is on the latest iOS/Android version. 

SI-2403 – The system will not take into account a user’s previous Other Event entitlements when adding new entitlements for the current year, meaning that all Other Event reasons are available in the drop-down box.

SI-2318 –  When creating a performance review, users will now be unable to save a segment if the title is blank.

SI-2480 – We have made correction within the Holiday Authorisation Workflow where, if the option ‘Manager’ and the specific managers name are both included in the rule, the manager will only receive the request email once.

SI-2452 – The ‘Help Me Calculate’ tool will use the specific employee’s holiday year for the calculation, as opposed to the default within the system settings.

SI-2472 & SI-2592– Users are unable to input HTML text within a document title, therefore the following characters ‘<’ and ‘>’ are not supported in this field. A validation message now occurs to inform users.

SI-2571 – We have corrected an error where an employee’s TOIL balance was showing as a minus figure on the planner.

SI-2422 – Push notifications and emails will be triggered when a holiday has been requested through mobile app. Also, a user’s holidays will be presented in the ‘My holidays’ tab on app.

SI-2305 – Validation message ‘Same name field already exists’ will be presented if duplicate field labels are created within a logbook screen. This is to allow correct reporting within the query builder. 

SI-2451 –  A fix has been put into place to ensure that notifications are generated if an employee makes a change to their Personal, Contact and/or bank details.

SI-2494 – Consistent access in bulk actions through edit access rights. 

Users with access to ‘Update Planner’ and ‘Bulk Actions’ will have the option Book Holiday available in Bulk Actions.

 If a user has access to ‘Update Planner with Settings’ and ‘Bulk Actions’ users will have the following: Book Holiday, Holiday Entitlements (This year & Next year), Other Event Entitlements, Assign Work Pattern and Holiday Accruals.

SI-2286 – We have updated the validation checks to ensure consistency when holidays over locked day using single day/multiple days/part of a day.

SI-2579 – The API Call ‘Get Work Pattern Detail’ now includes the option to include leaver information. 

SI-2589 – The ability to edit the contracted hours within the New Starter wizard when creating a new employee on a No Work Pattern.

SI-2569 – A correction in the background to allow users with proxy access to system settings the ability to add and save a new pipeline stage. 

SI-2591 – We have resolved an error where IP addresses were not being pulled through when signing a document.  

SI-2559 – In some cases it appeared that employees had the ability to edit their salary, although changes could not be saved. The edit option will no longer be available for employees. 

SI-2441 – Due to the Holiday Approval Workflow feature recently added to the system, multiple approvers now show within the Authorisation tab. A previous sorting option for approvers has been removed to avoid confusion. 

SI-2508 – A change has been made to the way an employee's address is saved and displayed in the Contacts tab. A grey box will now appear with an edit icon. Clicking this will display as separate text boxes to input Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Post Code, etc. 

SI-2450 – Timesheet approvals have been made consistent to other approvals within the authorisations tab (eg. Holidays, Logbook etc.). This means that all system administrators will be able to view all timesheet requests.

SI-2587 – Some changes have been made in the background to allow saving documents to a rejected applicant record within the ATS. 

SI-2583 – When booking a holiday and clicking save, only one instance will be shown. Double clicks will not be taken into account, to prevent duplicate bookings.

SI-2581 – Correct validation of the background checks. If you have an automatic task alert for background checks, this will only alert you within the year it expires. 

SI-2484 – A change has been made to the Accrual Rules functionality found within the Settings tab. You now have multiple options for the Maximum Accrual - for more information, please see the link below:

SI-2523 – When creating a new Other Event reason, you can specify if you wish for this to rollover. For more information on this, please refer to the article linked below:

SI-2598 – Confirmation that employees will no longer be able to view logbook information requested by their manager, given that the logbook has no employee access set up.

SI-2603 – We have corrected a procedure in the background to ensure that the [[Previous Job role]] merge field will pull through the employee’s previous job role information when creating a document template.  

SI-2604 – Annual Leave entitlement to be properly formatted and trailing zeros will not be displayed. Example: Entitlement shown as 20.00 will now show as 20.

SI-2611 – The system will not take into account deleted employees when checking if a Thanks badge is in use. As long as this is not presented in an employee/leaver record, users have the ability to delete the badge. 

SI-2627 – When inviting an applicant to an interview, the generated calendar invite will take into account the time zone details set as part of the interview schedule process. 

SI-2584 – An error that was causing the inability to upload files to a sickness record has now been resolved.  

SI-2637 – We have corrected an issue where in some cases, LOS rules weren’t being applied, or were applied incorrectly.

SI-2639 – A change has been made to ensure that if a carryover rule has been edited within Holiday & Absence settings, this will only be applied to the location specified. 

SI-2644 –  Entitlements/deductions will be taken into account when doing a salary update through Bulk Actions. 

SI-2646 – An error has been resolved to allow admins to subscribe to all missions.

SI-2650 – When the holiday year changes, fractions of the entitlement will remain the same - the system will not automatically round up.

SI-2670 – Within the query builder, an additional field under Employee Details has been added - titled ‘Accrue entitlement?’. This will present as either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, confirming if an employee accrues their entitlement through Bulk Actions.

SI-2716 - When Other Events were created by using API, the Other Event reason was not getting populated, this has been fixed to ensure the correct data is now populated. 

SI-2724 - Previously when creating an ATS applicant via API, the call did not return a unique applicant ID. This meant when other API calls that required the applicant ID were not effective. This call now includes each applicant a unique ID. 

SI-2463 - When employees accrue their holiday based on the hours they have worked, it now shows the full holiday entitlement - previously it round down to the nearest 15 minutes. 

SI-2707 - When Other Events were requested through the app, they were behaving inconsistently with Other Events booked through the web based system. This has now been amended so that the approval of the manager is required (where applicable).


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